Hiring People You Don’t Have To Fire Later

I’ve been fired. So I have a strong dislike for firing people. In business school, we were taught that the failure of an employee is usually a failure of management. Any time we cut ties with a media personality, I lose sleep on where it all went wrong. What I’ve realized is that more often … Read more

One Lucky Break Away From Stardom

Walking my setter through downtown Portland this week, I laughed at a bumper sticker: “One lab accident away from being a superhero.” That is true! It turns out that life is one big big surprise after another. In an instant, success, failure, and fate can transform your life and career. If you had a crystal … Read more

Laid Off? Here’s What’s Next.

It occurred to me that broadcasters today have more in common with movie actors than ever before. You tell stories, you emote, you create characters, and you dramatize. You also frequently experience long periods between jobs. Look up your favorite actors on IMDB and note the gaps between films. Broadcasters in 2017 are sort of … Read more