A Stable Career In Volatile Media

In media, the only constant is change.  But if you thought television, radio, podcasting, and social media were dynamic in the past, even bigger changes will be coming faster than ever in the future. Is it even possible to set realistic goals while the earth keeps moving under your feet?  Here are five tips that … Read more

Digital Ad Basics for On-Air Talent

Early in our broadcasting careers, we learned television and radio advertising terms like AQH, ROS, and daypart. Today, digital advertising comes with a whole new dictionary.   As a programming guy from traditional broadcasting, I have gotten healthy exposure to many new words and acronyms working with SXM Media — the home of SiriusXM, Pandora, … Read more

Radio, Pre-Produced and Improved

What is more exciting than a live broadcast of something happening right now? Sometimes there is no substitute for a live radio show. And, today’s short attention span audiences appreciate well-edited content. Movies, television, music, podcasts even comedy specials are mostly recorded and pre-produced.  Cutting to the chase and leaving the dull parts on the cutting room … Read more


Wouldn’t it be great if you could download new behaviors into your brain, like a program and make yourself more productive, error-free and focused? It turns out that we have an app for that. It is called habit. Good habits can help broadcasters and podcasters to do a better show. Habit is like software.  A … Read more

Your Critics and Complainers

In Italy, Ferrari racing fans are called “tifosi.” Formula 1 is their religion. The tifosi worship Ferrari drivers passionately when they win, but become wrathful when they lose. Passion is good business. It is rumored that Ferrari makes more money from Ferrari-branded merchandise than they do from cars. Ferrari is worth more as a company … Read more

How To Know What To Cut

When I teach storytelling for in-person workshops, I have each participant prepare and deliver a story no longer than 60 seconds. When they have each told a story and shared feedback, I say tell that story again – in 30 seconds. The audience always looks at me like I asked them to flap their arms … Read more

How to Name a Show

On names, the public has the final say.  The Staples Center in Los Angeles, home of the Grammys, the Lakers, the Sparks, and the Kings have been renamed the Crypto.com Arena.  Twenty years from now, as those naming rights end, Californians will likely still be calling it the Staples Center. In naming a personality-based show … Read more

Two Secrets of Highly Effective Teases

Thousands of valuable viewers and listeners are tuned in to your show at any given moment. Keeping them is key to your success. That’s where teasing is crucial. Teasing sounds easy, but it is difficult work. Most broadcasters and podcasters underestimate the challenge of teasing well. Teasing has two essential moving parts: Consistency: teasing every … Read more

How Comedians Use Communication

You can laugh out loud while learning to be a more powerful communicator.  My homework assignment for you today is to watch stand-up comedy. Even if your goal is not to be funny, studying comedians is a master class on commanding the spotlight and being memorable.  Great comedians are the best communicators in the world. … Read more

On-Location Broadcasting Done Right

On-location shows can be fun for the hosts but torturous for the audience if not executed well, and a week of bad content can have a negative effect on Nielsen results.  Consider these points as your show plans a beach-side or theme park broadcast. Don’t change the show. Keep all the regular benchmarks. Do your … Read more